Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Muddler & The Bumble

I have spent a bit of time tonight at the bench tying up more flies for my latest fly box and it is filling up very nicely. I'm right on schedule to have it full in time for the fishing season starting in March. The above two flies would be a nice combination on a cast from a drifting boat at Hillend. A brightly coloured muddler on the top dropper and the bumble on the middle with possibly a Peter Ross on the point. All would be dependant on the conditions as we all know how fickle the trout can be at times. I won't pretend to know what fly is best for a certain situation I usually just a have a hunch as to what to tie on or take advice from friends etc. I find tying flies just as much fun as fishing and if I'm honest I might just prefer the tying to the fishing, Is that wrong?

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