Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hillend Scruffs!

I hope you realized that when you read the title of this post that I wasn't referring to the resplendently attired members of the Airdrie and District Angling Club who assembled in a local school today for the Club's Annual General Meeting.
The above title was actually the name I gave to a bunch of flies I tied last night for use at Hillend and the Highlands of Scotland. They came about after reading a post on a fishing forum about brushing out the dubbed bodies of artificial flies. Since I began flytying I was taught to pick out the bodies of the flies as they really do add to the translucency of a fly especially if seals fur has been incorporated in the pattern. I also recall reading an article in a well know angling magazine a few years ago about the effectiveness of scruffy flies and their use on Highland Lochans. These six flies are good examples of such flies and are good all round patterns to use anywhere in the country. They are quick and easy to tie and although they may not be pretty I'm sure they will be pretty effective. Some people use a velcro brush or a dubbing needle to brush out the flies but I find that an old toothbrush is great and unlike some tyers who pick out the body before winding on the hackles I rough up the fly once the tying process is complete. It would be interesting to hear other folks views on the scruffy look.

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