Friday, 14 January 2011

A Loch Fly

I have been tying Loch Flies or if you are from Ireland Lough Flies all week, The above pic is the best of the bunch. That particular fly is in the style of a bumble, my favourite fly to tye and use. These style of flies were made famous in that classic angling book. "A man may fish" by T C Kingsmill moor.
Kingsmill Moor understood more than most the effect of light and water on fly patterns and developed a range of bumbles to suit various degrees of light brought on by the ever changing moods in the weather. The pattern above is not a copy of any of his patterns but based on the same style in which he developed his flies. I tyed this with the idea that the varied blends and shades of colour would add translucency to this pattern. I believe that Moor's favourite pattern was a golden Olive Bumble which he reckoned should be the first fly on a cast when in the pursuit of wild brown trout. I have yet to gain enough experience to confidently recommend a pattern which would be an absolute success in Loch Fishing and I guess I probably never will but if I ever do I would imagine that a fly pattern tied in the style of a bumble would be that fly.

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