Monday, 3 January 2011

Brand New Bumble

Right then this is my first post this year. Today I went for a wee trip into the GAC to top up on tying materials. As usual I was like a kid in a sweetie shop when I entered the shop today. I had a look at the new product that has caught the eye of fly tyers up and down the country...Bug Bond. From what I have read about it and saw on Davie McPhails You Tube Channel it is a fantastic product but today I decided it was too expensive for my wallet especially as I would be using it for novelty purposes as I don't tie or fish buzzers and the like and that is what it is used for most. I might consider purchasing when it comes down to a more realistic price. I then wandered and pondered over various fur, feather and all manner of shiny glittery materials.In the end I opted for some dubbing material, feathers and some tinsel but before i left the store I bought something I have been thinking of getting for some time now, Fly tyers dye. Today opted for dark brown and dark claret which I intend to use on old capes and feathers that have been lying at the bottom of my tying chest for quite a while. Should be fun trying these dyes out just as long as I'm careful with it as I don't think er indoors would like various colours splashed all over her kitchen worktops etc. I will post my results on here in the next few days when I get round to trying it out.
In the mean time here is a fly I tied this afternoon with some of the materials I brought home today. It's the first time I have incorporated jay feathers in my bumbles as I have always used Guinea fowl or dyed partridge as a substitute but as you can see from the pic above nothing compares to the real thing. I think the Jay is very striking I hope you like it.


  1. Hi Allan
    Nice tie makes you look forward to those balmy evenings.
    I bought the bugabond and it is a geat product but like yourself it is mainly for novelty that I use it but use the lite stuff on fly heads and its the best , Im planning on some salt water stuff this year so should come in to its own then.

  2. Did you buy the kit with the torch or can the torch be bought seperate from elsewhere which I imagine would be probably less expensive?
    Cheers, Allan