Friday, 27 May 2011

CDC Sedge

Last night I was informed that a Great Red Sedge was spotted at the woodside at Hillend which heralds the annual appearance of these remarkable creatures at Hillend. This news surprised me somewhat as the weather this month has been windy and cold which I thought would delay the appearance of the Big Sedge. It's usually from June onwards that you start to see these sedges in great abundance as they scurry across the water trying to make it to dry land. They will be at their peak by the middle of June and if you are lucky enough to be fishing Hillend at the right night when the fish are turned onto the Big Sedge you could have a really memorable night of fishing. Most Hillenders have their favourite patterns for the sedge. Muddlers, G&H sedge, sedge hogs etc are all popular. Over the last few years I have had success with cdc patterns but last year I switched to a balloon caddis which caught a few fish both at Hillend and the Lily. This year I'm gonna go back to the cdc sedge. I like to use these in the most gentle of ripples. I really enjoy the visual aspect of the take when the fish come up for these. I tie my cdc sedges in several variations. The one above is a pattern I tied last night. Very simple to tie and one I intend using tomorrow night, conditions permitting of course.

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