Sunday, 29 May 2011

The lily Loch

Last night Tam and I walked over the hill from Hillend to The Lily Loch. Once over the hill and down to the dam another bloody gale greeted us which was blowing straight down the Loch from the West. Every time I have been out fishing this month these strong winds have been a constant hindrance. Defiantly Tam and I walked by the dam and round to the club hut despite the heavy rain and wind. The rain soon passed and a rainbow appeared...In the sky not the bank, that would happen later when Tam eventually landed one around the 2lb mark. I set up with an olive damsel on the point and a Kate McLaren on the dropper. Tam suggested I try the area known as the burn as it was slightly sheltered and the wind was at my back. Off I went overthe footbridge and down into the burn. I worked my way along the soft banking and about halfway down the shore I was soon into my one and only fish of the evening which was fooled by the damsel. That fish was one of the lily's natural wild fish, a small pike. I then decided to have a break out of the wind at the hut where after a cup of coffee and a bite to eat I got out onto the main loch where I flogged the water to no avail. During that time I watched Tam land a good size fish which he was rather pleased with. At around half nine another heavy shower moved so we packed up and walked back over the hill to Hillend. I was happy with my wild yin while Tam was pleased with one of the Lily's newest residents.

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