Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trout & Burgers!

There have been quite a few bank holidays from work of late so I was managed to be persuaded by Tosh to take the opportunity of going up for a wee day at Hillend yesterday. The trouble with bank holidays at Hillend is that it can be overly busy that's why I normally prefer evening sessions at the Loch but yesterday in order to beat the crowds we went up to the North shore at 7 am. We weren't first on the Loch though as couple of elderly chaps were making their way along the north shore. The morning proved to be a scorcher but an east wind persisted for the entire time we were there to keep the temperature at a reasonable heat. As we were getting prepared to start fishing Tosh switched on his radio which was relaying the news that was breaking all over the world. Yep! the Americans got their man. The one troubling aspect of their timing in all of this is that Americans chose to carry out this operation on the ninth anniversary of the Death of my Football Club, Airdrieonians FC. That's some date to share eh? Anyway enough of politics and football. Tosh was on the spinner for a while but nothing was doing I soon landed a 2lb rainbow caught on my Hillend green. As I was landing my fish Tosh was preparing the disposable BBQ that he had brought along. Soon the burgers, sausages , black pudding and bacon were sizzling away then placed on the rolls which were rather tasty. Why is it that sausages etc always taste and smell better when prepared outdoors. The rest of our morning was uneventful as we listened to the world's reaction to the events that had unfolded in the East. As we packed up in the sunshine at about 1 o'clock our conclusion was that the fishing had been mediocre but the breakfast was phenomenal.

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  1. Indeed...why is it that food always tastes better when cooked out of doors...? Looks delicious, and I can almost smell through that picture!