Monday, 23 May 2011

Hillend Storm!

Today Scotland has been getting battered with severe gales. Winds of 80 and 100 mph have been recorded in some parts so its no surprise that the weather disrupted road , rail and ferry networks. Here in Airdrie there has been structural damage to buildings, fallen trees and power cables are down and even the trains haven't been running. While at work today our van was getting blown all over the place. Anyway I reckon the winds reached their peak in the late afternoon as it has calmed down to just a normal gale now. I couldn't resist a wee run up to Hillend tonight to see how it's looking. The Loch has beeen really churned up and looks quite dirty. Hillend was deserted tonight not one single person was to be seen, which is no surprise as you would need to be "aff yer heed" to go fishing in that.. The weather forecasters are predicting that the winds are to calm down overnight. I hope the above pic and vid gives you an idea how wild it has been up here today at Hillend.

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