Monday, 30 May 2011

Hillend Blue Zulu

I thought I would make my final post of the month tonight after yet another Hillend blank today. This has been a very disappointing month for me at Hillend. I'm blaming the weather as the wind has been a constant source of ire to me or maybe that's just a poor excuse. I believe the real reason for my lack of success this month is down to being a crap angler and also not putting in the effort as every time I have been at the Loch my sessions have been short as I have been getting peeved off with the wind. To be honest the conditions at Hillend these last few weeks have been more like February than May we have even had at Hailstones over the last couple of days and we are just about to enter June. By way of consoling myself I decided to tidy up my tying bench and get a few flies tyed this afternoon. After have having a browse at a certain Ayrshire flytyers latest fly on his website I was suitably inspired to tye something similar. I tied a few of these on a size 12 with my July trip to Loch Watten in mind..

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