Monday, 6 June 2011

The Clarkston Tangler and I

Last night Tam and I went afloat at Hillend. We set off from the boat moorings with a strong east wind blowing up the Loch. We had a a drift down the south shore for a short distance but continually got blew into the edge of the no fishing zone at the South shore. Whilst in this area we actually saw a few fish which we presumed to be rising to the Green Drakes. We then decided it would be better to get out the throat of the wind so went round to the back of the woods where it wasn't just so windy. As it happened we ended up staying in this area the rest of the evening trying various drifts. There were quite a few Green Drakes about which a few fish were interested in. The east wind was a constant hindrance to us and eventually down came the rain which soaked us to the bone. We persevered though as quite a few fish were showing especially near the shore under the overhanging trees. I would just like to say at this juncture that Tam has a new name after being frustrated with his casting in the troublesome wind. From now on he will be known as the Clarkston Tangler! I'm certain that he will get me back for that as once again he outdone me on the landing of fish... Tam caught the only trout of the evening on a claret bumble just west of the Lowes Bay. We fished on until about 9.30pm and decided a retreat to the Fishing Lodge was in order where we both enjoyed a hot Bovril with loads of pepper to warm us up.

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