Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Doobry

I received an email last night from one of my Blog followers who is also a regular visitor to the local tackle shop... the Airdrie Angling Centre. Jim had been up at Loch Watten last week and was telling me how he got on. He didn't get out on the Loch on Monday or Tuesday because of the Gales but had three fantastic days at Watten from the Wednesday to the Friday. Anyway he let me know what his most successful patterns were. One of those patterns he mentioned was the Doobry which for some reason I don't have in any of my boxes. As Scott, Tam and I are heading up there in July I decided to knock up a couple these patterns this afternoon. The fly has a great reputation for wild brown trout and was originally devised for the Lochs of Orkney by the well known angler, author and fly tyer Stan Headley. I don't know what he would make of my attempt as the body isn't true to the original as I used a golden olive holographic tinsel as for some reason I didn't have any plain gold tinsel in my box. Need to get some this weekend. I better start on those Loch Ordies which I have promised for Tam as he is fond of fishing those at watten too.


  1. i ran across this pattern in an UK magazine a few years ago. it really is a great fly.

    over the years i've dropped the red tag and tinsel body and still had great success with it.

    i live in the states where it's at least a days drive to trout. late afternoon and early evening has been the best times for the pattern, no matter what species i'm fishing for. the doobry seems to work dry as well as wet.

    good luck.

  2. A fly that seems not to have made it big in the north east, however on a trip to Rosslyn Lee lake I saw it work to great effect on stocked rainbows.
    Perhaps I need to give it a splash at the local stockie ponds.
    Thanks for sharing.