Monday, 20 June 2011

A Couple of Trout

I visited Hillend on Sunday evening hoping to see rising fish at the sedge. I was in the bay next to the Wee Moss then along by the Big Stane where I covered the only fish I saw all evening then I tried round at the point near the Braco Burn all to no avail. Today though Tosh and I went back into the area near the Braco this morning. After getting the disposable BBQ alight we waited on the first batch of sausages and burgers for breakfast. Soon after we were fishing in the Bay that Tosh fondly calls 4lb bay as he caught a fish of that weight here a few years back. We next tried all along those places I tried the night before, then back to the point next to the Braco. Our perseverence paid off as Tosh caught a trout with his favourite spinner the Black and Gold Toby in....... you guessed it, 4lb Bay. Although this time his trout was of a more modest weight. After rising a couple of fish to my flies east of the Big Stane the unexpected happened I caught a trout on a Kate McLaren. A very welcome fish indeed. We called it quits about 2pm in the blazing sunshine. As I type this this evening I'm considering going back up to the Loch tonight. I better not push my luck though and might just wait until wednesday night.

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