Friday, 3 June 2011

A Fish at last!

As the title says but not quite. I arrived at Hillend about 10 30 am. Pulled the waders on then my new wading boots and off I went . My first stop was at Boathouse bay. Had a few cast here then walked through the woods to Lowes Bay. I spent quite a bit of time here and also watched many green drakes hatching and fluttering around most were taken by the gulls but surprisingly I only saw one fish rise for them. I next tried the Mound but soon was on the move again. This time I made my way round to the three trees and fished all the way down the bay at the back of the woods. About half way down I felt the jag jag jag of a trout at last. I played him out and eased him over to my my net and just as I was about to put the net under him..... Ping! He was off! The Lord's name was taken in vane and was probably heard right round the woods. Never mind I'm counting it as I probably would have put him back anyway . My only regret was that I never got a photo of the fish which I reckoned looked about 2lb. I fished on but no further fish were hooked landed or lost. I was fishing today with a three fly cast which consisted of a Connemara Black on the point a Doobry on the middle and a Loch Ordie on the bob. My lost fish was caught on the Connemara Black.

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  1. Yeah Allan, I reckon I'd have counted that one too!