Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Trio from the Lily Loch

I decided to give Hillend Loch a miss tonight and decided to walk over the hill with Tam to the Lily Loch instead. We went right up to the west side of the Loch and had our first casts of the evening there. No contact was made with fish so we decided to try our luck along the South shore of the Loch. After a while Tam said he was having a break as he had Bailiff duties to attend to so off he went walking all the way round the Loch and back. He was only away ten minutes when I was into my first fish of the evening, a rainbow trout of about 1 3/4lb. After a quick photo call I was out on the water again and about three casts later I was into my second fish of the night a nice wee natural Lily Loch Broonie which after a quick pic was safely returned to the water. After half an hour or so Tam returned and was surprised to find out that I had caught a couple. He enquired what I had caught them on and told him it was my elk hair sedge pattern. I then opened my fly box and gave him one. About ten minutes later I hooked into my third and final trout of the evening another wee broonie which was returned to the Loch but without the photo call the previous fish had. All in all tonight was rather pleasing and satisfying but a bit frustrating for Tam as he had a busy night fulfilling his Bailiff duties.

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