Sunday, 12 June 2011

Why does it always rain on Me?

Tonight Scott and I were afloat at Hillend to participate in the annual Hillend Flyfishing Boat pairs competition. The comp runs for a month and is fished at the weekends. It's just your luck what the weather throws at you but normally June can guarantee good weather with plenty of fly life and fish activity on the Loch. Tonight a strong east wind with rain persisted for the whole evening. I prepared well for tonight I had tied up various flies which I thought would be required etc etc especially a Connamara Black which I thought would be just the trick. To cut a long story short Scott caught a cracker of a natural Hillend Broonie and also lost one at the net which was a comedy of errors. I was in charge of the net as Scott played the fish and as he eased it towards the net one of his dropper flies caught on my hat I must have jolted up and the next thing we knew the fish was off. Once again I caught the complete total of hee haw! I really am getting fed up going up to Hillend and coming home without as much as a bite. This situation is really getting to me. I feel like packing this fishing lark in. Its actually getting embarassing the amount of blank days I'm currently experiencing. Every night I go up there I am full of hope and anticipation and every night I come home with the same feeling of dejection. As I maneuvered the boat into the jetty tonight after another fishless and soaked to the bone night I contemplated taking a break from fishing for a few weeks but hell I'm not going to give in I'll be up there again on Monday or Tuesday night trying as hard as ever. Whoever said that there was more to fishing than catching fish was bloody lying.


  1. "Whoever said that there was more to fishing than catching fish was bloody lying." -- hear, hear!!! For me, this spring it has been the damn wind. Won't leave me alone. Here's to improved conditions....hopefully soon!

  2. Dabbler, just enjoy being there the fish will come. We have all had patches like this, earlier this year I had five on the run on a favourite tench lake.