Monday, 15 April 2013

A 7lb Hillend Rainbow Trout

Went to the North shore today at Hillend for the first time this season. It was blowing a gale when I arrived. So I sat the car for a bit and had a wee nap then some soup and a bite to eat.. Then when the wind calmed down I ventured out onto the Big Moss Hole. There was actually some fly life in evidence and the wind wasn't cold at all. After about an hour of fishing I caught this 7lb rainbow which was amazing to watch as it leaped from the water trying to throw my fly. It was fooled by one of my gold beaded black lures. I fished on for another hour and a half or so as there were some fish showing in this area. Unable to fool anymore fish I gave up and walked back to the car then went back round to the clubhouse to get the fish weighed... 7lb exactly. A member of the committee told me it must have been one of last years fish as there haven't been any fish that size stocked this year. Fair to say I was very pleased this afternoon.

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