Monday, 1 April 2013

No fish fooled today!

I would have been foolish not to take the opportunity of fishing for a few hours up at the loch today on this the first day of April.
It looked very pleasant this afternoon when I drove up to the loch and I commented that it looked and felt like a nice spring day.
On arrival at Hillend it was anything but as a bitter east wind was blowing down the loch and there was still a fair bit of sow still lying at the back of the woods and over at the mound.
I squelched my way through the woods today as I had decided I would try my luck at Lowe's Bay and the Mound area. All  to no avail as I never connected with any fish at all, not even a take.
The water was particularly cold today and the air temperature was very low. I had to take several breaks today to recover from the freezing conditions and get the feeling back in my fingertips. It really was icy cold up there today. So no fish today I hope you enjoy the pics of the Hillend environs

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