Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pesky Hillend Pike

On a few recent outings at the loch I have encountered a few of the truly wild Hillend fish. I'm talking of Hillend Pike of course. The latest capture was this afternoon when I returned once again to the north shore. I briefly hooked into a trout but he managed to shake off my fly but an hour or so later a bloody pesky pike took a fancy to one of my newly tied Dancers which in the ensuing ferocious fight ruined my fly completely as it tried desperately to avoid the inevitable photo shoot!
I wouldn't like to estimate the weight of this fish as I 'm not really familiar with these predators. I know its a tiddler in comparison to some of the pike in Hillend but if someone would like to to give me an estimate I would be thankful


  1. I'd have a guess at about 4lb. Funny how you hate these fish - i only come to Hillend for the pike!

  2. I don't hate these fish. I referred to them in this article as pesky because I wasnt intentionally fishing for pike.I prefer to fish for trout. The pike at Hillend are the truely wild fish in our loch and I treat them with respect.

    Do you fly fish for the pike?

  3. Sorry - hate was the obviously the wrong word! Glad to hear you give them respect - i've met some with the opposite attitude. I haven't tried flyfishing for them; I fish for them with baitcasting kit using all sorts of lures. Best fish so far has been 15lb. Excellent blogs btw - keep 'em coming