Sunday, 7 April 2013

Last cast of the day

I went up to the loch a bit late today as there was a comp in progress. I waited until the entrants were heading for the clubhouse to weigh in their catch etc before I ventured onto the loch. I made for the boathouse bay. I fished there for some time without success so I decided to head back to the car but on the way back I stopped to have a few final casts from the north shore of the narrows . After a couple of casts I was into a trout. It gave me a good fight. When I was unhooking and photographing the fish, two chaps [ I could call them something else but there maybe children reading this] came along and plonked themselves into the area I had just caught the fish from and proceeded to cast spinners into the loch. I was going to say something to them but I just shook my head, laughed and went back to the car. Some folk need to learn angling etiquette. The trout was fooled by my dropper fly which was a cloaked bibio dabbler I tied recently.

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