Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hillend Dancer

I went up to the loch this afternoon just as the football results were coming in as on a Saturday at Hillend its always  far too busy for my liking. So I wait until the final whistles are getting blown all over the country as most of the day ticket anglers usually make their way home for their tea round about this time.
So it was off to the North Shore I go! happily I drove along the Crossrigg Road me an my wee pal jock! I arrived at the car park and was surprised to note that there was only a couple of cars present.
It wasn't too surprising as the strong south wind was hammering the north shore. It made the fishing extremely difficult indeed . Regardless I ventured over to the area I was so successful in earlier in the week. The wind was playing havoc with my casting so I opted to fish just the one fly, a Hillend Dancer which I had tied up earlier in the day. My Hillend Dancer is based on the very successful series of lures which were devised and originate from Newmills Fishery near Lanark. They come in all colour combinations. This one I tied is a variation of the yellow dancer which has a great reputation for taking fish at Hillend and I presume elsewhere too.
I'm afraid I wasn't very successful this afternoon. My only capture was a small jack pike which was fooled by my Hillend Dancer.It led me a merry dance as it darted among the abundant weed in this area of Hillend. After a brief struggle I got him to my feet but as I prepared to net him he shook his head violently and was off into the depths once again. Therefore no pics folks, but I hope you like the pic of the successful lure.

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  1. Your Hillend Dancer is a nice looking fly and would serve well here in California for tempting our early-spring mid-summer run of shad.

    Thanks for the photo of the fly. I will tie up a few soon.