Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Buzzing at Hillend!

I arranged for a half day holiday from work today in order to get an afternoon of fishing at Hillend. I opted for the North Shore today. I arrived at the Loch about 1 o'clock in the blistering heat and a very calm surface. Conditions were really awful for fly fishing so I just lay back and lapped up the sun and took in my surroundings for a while then I noticed a fish or it could have been others too rising to the surface every now and then and obviously feeding on hatching insects. It was quite exciting watching the fish show their backs and tail on the surface as they feasted on what I reckoned was hatching buzzers. Later I was to be proved correct as I could not resist having a few casts at them every time they showed. I tied on a small size 14 black spider and eventually a rainbow trout fell for my imitation. After netting the fish I dispatched it and while removing the fly I noticed that its mouth was full of what appeared to be black buzzers there was absolutely dozens of them. I have to admit that this trout was not in the best of condition although I did get a photograph of it I am not putting it on here as its not of the usual quality we come to expect from Hillend Rainbows. Instead here is a pic of fisherman who caught the trout today and come to think of it I'm not in good condition either, this pic is just as bad as that trout but the location I was fishing was much more photogenic

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