Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mixed Fortunes at Hillend

Tonight I arranged with Scott to go up to the Loch tonight. This was Scott's first visit to Hillend this season. I checked this afternoon to see if the boats on Hillend were available but although the boats have been put back on the Loch again they will not available until next weekend as the boats, engines and batteries and the like have still to checked over to see if everything is in order before they can be made available to the members. Scott and I were keen to get out on the boat this weekend but we will have to wait another week so we decided to give the Big Moss at the South West end of the Loch a try tonight. To cut a long story short I failed to touch a fish with my flies but Scott had better luck he managed to net a nice brace of Hillend rainbow trout. Scott sportingly returned his trout to fight another day. The first fish was caught on a Kate Mclaren on the top dropper the second on a bibio on the middle dropper. A light warm breeze was coming from the west tonight and although we witnessed a good few hatches of buzzers we only managed to see about three or four fish rising on the surface. We packed up tonight as darkness fell. Scott was very happy with his first visit of the season I was a little frustrated at the lack of fish in my bag but all being well I'll be back up on Wednesday to try again.

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