Friday, 29 April 2011

William and Kate!

I have to say, I was very dissapointed that I didn't recieve my invitation to the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey today, I didn't even get an invite to the evening reception.. As you may be aware it was Prince Phillip who introduced me to fly fishing so I had been expecting an invite for weeks but it sadly never arrived. Putting my personal dissapointment to one side I thought it would be appropriate to mark the occassion of the Royal Couple's big day in my own personal way by tying a couple of flies that I think you will agree are very fitting for such a momentous occassion as our future king's marriage. The patterns A "Williams Favourite" and of course that would have to be a " Kate" I hope you agree that they are a good combination.They are a couple I will have in mind when I next get out on the boat at Hillend, perhaps sometime this weekend. So tonight raise yer glass in appreciation of a great couple that I hope will bring me many many trout in the months ahead. William and Kate.......Hip! Hip! Hurrah!


  1. Cheers! And hope William and Kate worked well on the river for you. Great blog...beautiful photos!

  2. Thamks for your kind comments. Glad you enjoy my blog.

    Cheers, Allan.