Friday, 8 April 2011

Fooled by a Hillend Scruff

The title of this post might have you thinking that a fish was fooled by one of my fishing buddies but alas this was not the case, Let me explain. I Had a visit to Hillend tonight on my own for a few casts. It was a perfect night for fishing a nice warm breeze was blowing from the west. Tonight was the first time I have felt the warmth in the air. This is a good sign as the Loch will now begin to heat up and we should experience more fish activity in the top layers in the coming days and nights.

I was once again fishing from one of the jetties on the South shore. I set up with a sunburst kate on the point and a Hillend Scruff on the dropper. I fished for a while without seeing or touching any fish then out of the blue a fish made a splashy rise well within casting distance. I cast my line right into the area where I had seen the fish and my reel screamed instantly with a leaping and splashing rainbow on the end of my line. Its a great feeling when you cast to a rising fish and get a reaction. The trout was fooled by my Black and claret Hillend Scruff. I will now have to tie up more of these flies as when Tam gets to hear about this he will be wanting some for his box lol!

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