Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hillend From the Train

Today my Bike and I boarded a train at Airdrie the destination was Armadale in West Lothian. The purpose of my journey was to have a bike ride from Armadale and down the new routed cycle path back home to Airdrie all in the good cause of weight loss and fitness and as well as that I had been looking forward for some time now to seeing Hillend Loch from the train. As you can see from above I captured it on video. I got it all wrong today though as I should have pedalled up to Armdale and caught the train home as was the case yesterday a fierce westerly wind was prevailing and blowing straight into me as I cycled west. To say it was hard going is an undrsatement. I stopped off at the Hillend Lodge for a well earned rest and a drink and got talking to some anglers then I was off again but soon stopped once again at the Bracco Burn for a blether with some well known Hillenders. They told me that my friend Tam caught the biggest fish of the day in the Inter Club Competition yesterday between The Lily Boys(Clarkston Angling Club) and my Club The Hillenders( Airdrie & District Anglers). Tam fishes for the enemy lol! The Lily Boys won by the smallest of margins I believe. I'll be making sure he doesn't get any of my flies for the next fly fishing round of the Inter Club Competition lol! After stopping and chatting I had lost the momentim I had bult up and it was a real struggle to get going going again but I persevered and made it home all be it shattered. I'm going up to Hillend later for a few casts along the South Shore but this time I will be arriving by car.

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  1. If the dabbler is going to restrict the flow of freshly tied flies I might have to go public about the secrets of the hillend green and the lily loch washing line.