Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday at Hillend

As this is the start of the Easter Holiday weekend I decided to go up the Loch this afternoon. I should have known better not go up there today as it was very very busy with anglers. It was far too busy for my liking so I decided to return home to tie some flies and then go back up later in the evening. So this afternoon I tied up some flies based loosely on the Bobs Bits pattern. I called them the Dabblersbitsandbobs. I used a size 10 hook, black claret seals fur for the body silver tinsel for the rib and mirage tinsel on one of them and a natural hen feather for the head hackle. I went back up to the Loch at about half past seven tonight to the Big Moss. A cold Easterly wind was blowing down the Loch which restricted my fishing from the moss. I set up with a two fly cast of dabblersbitsandbobs. I persevered for a while then reckoned I should move right down to the corner of the dam near the yachting club. It was a good choice as I hooked into a trout right away which leaped right out of the water as it fought for its life which it eventually won as it through the fly after several leaps and runs. A few casts later I was into another fish this time though I knew right away that this was no trout as the pike really do fight differently from a trout. After an exciting struggle with the Jack pike it wasn't until I got the Jack in the net that I could establish which fly it had taken. It was fooled by the point fly which was the bits fly with the mirage tinsel rib. After removing the fly I returned the pike back to whence it came. All in all this has indeed been a Good Friday

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