Monday, 25 April 2011

Hillend by Boat!

Scott and I had our first day afloat on Hillend today. We collected the engine , battery and life jackets from the Hillend Lodge and made our way down to the boat moorings. It was a great feeling as we manouvered the boat up past the narrows passing the boathouse bay and the point of the woods. We were full of expectation as we headed out into the middle of the loch passing Spiers Island as we made for the North West Corner of the Loch. We made our first drift of the season from the north west Corner to the Eastercroft Bay as the wind was coming from a north westerly direction. I set up with a Sunburst Kate on the point, a ginger palmer on the middle and a black claret bobs bits on the top. I never touched a thing . Scott had a take as we drifted past the Big Moss. We then had our next drift from the north shore to the back of the woods. Then tried variuos other drifts from other locations before finally calling it a day in the boathouse bay. We never saw a fish rise all night which was surprising as there was insect activity on the water from time to time. I really enjoyed drifting on the Loch today but it could have been better had the fish came out to play. As usual I got plenty pics from around the loch. Next time we are out I hope to have one or two fish to show in them.

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