Monday, 4 April 2011

Wild Hillend Pike

Yesterday I mentioned in my blog that I would be going up later to the Loch. I went up around 5 30pm when most of the day ticket folk had made they're way home resulting in the Loch being less crowded, the way I prefer it. I walked along the South Shore to the Bracco Burn area I fished for a wee while without success and eventually just sat back and watched the local Bird Life on the Loch. I was nearly falling asleep enjoying the rest and the view but decided to have another few casts. I persevered without success then decided to change my location and moved along to one of the old jetties further along the Loch. I tied on one of my Sunburst Kates which had been successful on Saturday night, well it came up trumps again as I hooked into one of Hillend's truely wild fish... A nice Jack Pike around the 3lb mark. I thought right away that it was a pike as they're really is a difference between thenm and the trout with regards to the struggle they put up. The pike tend to stay deep while the trout leap all over the place. After a great wee fight I landed The pike, photographed him then carefully removed the fly with my long forceps then returned him to fight another day.

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  1. good to see you survived the winter, enjoy your enthousiasm(spelling is chit)please keep up the site,wish i could do the same.take care.