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Forget me not!

You may have noticed that I have not been active on my blog recently as its now been two weeks since I last made a post. I have been extremely busy with other stuff and to be honest all angling and flytying craft related activities have been put to the back off my mind as I have been concentrating and participating on another sort of Craft. Right that's the excuses done with. I literally tied this fly minutes ago I will tie another couple up when I'm done with this post. The season is drawing ever closer and thought that I could be doing with a few more of these style of flies in my box. A great style for pulling through the top layers of any Scottish loch of a summer evening. Hope you like and will not wait so long between posts, honest. So please Forget Me Not!

UV Straggle Fritz Wet Fly

Just the other day when I arrived home from work I was shocked and horrified to find out that my wife had dismantled my tying desk and chest and all my assorted bits and pieces and packed them into a cupboard in what was formerly my tying room, all in the name of home improvements. My tying den was my pride and joy and I would go in there with a malt or a fine red and tie flies till my heart was content. She also wanted me to pack all my books and magazines which I have collected for many years away also into the cupboard and wanted to do away with my bookcases all because she says they are an eye sore. As you can imagine a bit of an argument ensued but I eventually calmed down and managed to come to an agreement of sorts. In the end I got a new desk in the room all be it the one from my sons room as apparently he is getting a new one. I have now reorganized my tying gear and threw away all the stuff that I was never going to use. I now have a scaled down tying kit which is still qui