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Onward & Northwards!

Tomorrow morning I leave urban Lanarkshire for the wilds of the extreme north west coast of Scotland for a week of flyfishing, seafishing, walking and cycling.This will be my home for the next seven days.

Topping up with Kates!

I still haven't wet a line for almost three weeks. Hope to get to the loch over the next few days. In the mean time I was checking through my fly boxes in preparation for my Extreme North West Highland Stravaig next week and noticed I only had a couple of Kates in my box so it was of the uppermost importance that I tied a few more of these tonight, my favourite fly pattern for wild brown trout.

Hillend Loch from the Train!

I cant believe I've not been fishing for a whole two weeks. its not that I've lost interest or anything like that. I've been busy out on my bike trying to get fit especially for a a wee fishing  holiday up in the Highlands that's coming up in a couple of weeks. Here's a video of the Loch from the Edinburgh to Helesburgh train which I caught at Armadale after cycling up there earlier in the week. I might get up to the Loch tomorrow without my bike and spend a few hours with Rod, Line, Feather and fluff! I'll let you know.