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Its still feels like winter.

Despite the atrocious weather today @ Hillend I managed to stay out long enough in the biting wind and rain long enough to fool a couple of trout from in and around the Shields Burn area. Since the start of the season Ive not had one comfortable session on the Loch as its been bitterly cold and my hands have never been so sore and cold with the wind. Perhaps its an age thing!  My two trout this afternoon were fooled by my usual black UV lure with the gold head, Black UV straggle Fritz body and  black marabou tail. I was only on the Loch for a couple of hours and not long after my second trout I made a retreat back to the car where I got the stove and kettle out and made a very warm and welcoming coffee, more to warm my hands than crave a caffeine hit! The clocks might have went forward last night but it still feels like winter.

Not the best of starts!

Unfortunately I haven't had the best of starts to the 2015 trout fishing season at Hillend Loch. Don't get me wrong I have caught my first trout of the season which was a modest rainbow trout fooled by my black lure which was about 1 1/2lb which I caught on the opening day as I made my way back to the clubhouse when I stopped of at the first jetty down from the Lodge for a few last casts. I had started off at the Eastercroft bay and spent a few hours in the biting cold north east wind which numbed my hands . In fact I actually spent more time heating my hands than I did fishing on that opening day. I went back up the loch the next afternoon this time on the north shore for about an hour or so but the wind was still coming from the North east and was extremely cold hence the short stay. I had another go on Sunday but to no avail this time I tried a few spots on the south shore. The bait fishers have being doing extremely well with loads of fish caught. However It will b

My First Cast!

It will be an early rise for me in the morning as I intend having my first cast of the season at my local loch before its gets over crowded with all the enthusiastic anglers arriving for the first day of the season. I am really looking forward to the new season at Hillend and beyond as I'm now in better shape and healthier than I have ever been. Over the dark winter nights Ive been at the vice stocking up on more flies than I will ever need but hey!  that's all part of the joy of flyfishing. No doubt as the days, weeks and months roll by there will be tales to tell of the fish I caught and of course the ones that got away! So here at the Dabbler of Hillend's homestead I am raising a glass to the very much anticipated  2015 trout fishing season, which will hopefully be filled with enjoyable experiences and memories.

Fishing With Joe

I don’t normally promote blogs, products , websites and podcasts on here but with my latest blog post I am going to make an exception as I would like to share with you the best fly fishing podcast that I am aware of out there on the net, If you’ll pardon the pun. The podcast I refer to is “Fishing with Joe”. I have been listening to these guys for a few years now and in actual fact it was Joe and Chris who inspired me to have an attempt at podcasting with my Hillend Dabbler Fishing & Music Podcast. I love to listen to their pods whilst travelling on fishing trips and also relaxing in the evening at the tying desk with a malt near to hand as they transport me across the ocean to the rivers, streams and mountains of their environs. Here’s what they have to say for themselves. In the fall of 2007, the creators of Fishing with Joe, Chris Silver and Joe Paatalo, came up with the idea to combine the art of fly fishing with literature, music, poetry, and plenty of fishing tal

My First Blank!

One of my local lochs; The Lily loch, opened up this weekend for the 2015 fishing season. Therefore its was very pleasing to get my first blank of the season out of the way lol! I wandered up over the hill for a couple of hours but spent more time trying to warm my painfully cold hands than actual fishing. An extremely strong and very cold westerly was blowing right down the loch for the duration I was at the Lily. There were only a handful of anglers braving the wind, rain, sleet and snow at the loch today and as far as I'm aware nobody was having any success today. However there will be plenty good days to be had @ the Lily this season as the days, weeks and months pass by.