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Clydestyle Fishing

For a month or two now I have been trying to track down a new book called “The Anglers Book of the Clyde” I had tried in vain to get a hold of it from all the usual outlets but every now and again I would hear through various forums etc that it was actually available at certain fisheries but when ever I made contact to make a purchase everywhere had sold out. So when I heard yesterday that the book was available from Clydestyle Fishing at Crossford in the Clyde Valley I made a quick phone call to confirm that they were still in stock and went straight down there after work this afternoon to collect my copy. This was the first time I had visited this angling outlet which is set in an idyllic location yards from the banks of the Clyde. I had a chat with Scott the angling shop owner about the Clyde etc. I wasn’t aware of this shop until recently and found this outlet to be exactly the sort of shop that an enthusiastic Clyde angler could ever wish for. Scott stocks Clyde Style flies a

Glengavel Reservoir

I had wanted to visit Glengavel reservoir for a few weeks now ever since I came across the Upper Avon Angling Association web site and got in contact with their Club Secretary, Alby. As my holiday from work was rapidly running out I decided to have a visit there today. After a quick breakfast I was on my way through the Lanarkshire roads in the mist. By the time I reached the Garrion Brig the mist had lifted and the sun was shining. I was soon in Stonehouse where I arranged to pick up my permit etc from Jim a committee member. After a wee chat with Jim about Glengavel and fishing in general etc I was on my way to my destination. On arrival noticed I was the only angler at the reservoir but as I setting up my rod another angler arrived, his name was Alan too, we got chatting, we then went to the fishing hut and signed in the book as per club rules. I decided to start fishing just to the right of the fishing hut and boat moorings as advised. Very soon I raised a fish to the Kate

A Hillend Broonie

Went up to the Loch this afternoon hoping to catch one of the Hillend Broonies which have been making an appearance in the catch reports lately.Funnily enough this time last year Scott, Tam and I caught were catching the Hillend naturals.Anyway off I went trying the narrows first then after no success there I tried the Boathouse Bay. The decided to cross through the woods and give the Lowes Bay a try. I was encouraged by a rise to my Kate McLaren which was on my top dropper. After no further interest I decided to take a break, have a coffee and read a few pages of Iain Banks travelogue,Raw Spirit.Rejuviated I was soon casting my three fly cast of a Conamarra Black,Bibio and a Kate McLaren into Lowes Bay. Soon after I got a tremendous take to my Kate McLaren and after a brief struggle I landed a nice Hillend Broonie. I normally put fish like this back but I decided to take this one home today as I quite fancied some trout on toast tonight for my supper. Happy to have caught a fish I

Durness Slideshow

Here it is the Imagine Durness Slide Show. As always its the best way to show as many of my pics as I can. To be honest though you do lose a bit of the quality on the photos using the programme I have but I hope the display gives you a feel for the place. As I said in the previous post John Lennon has a connection with the area all be it a tenuous one therefore I thought it would be a good idea to include one of his songs to accompany the pics.Hope you like them. Please feel free to leave a comment.....Good , Bad or indifferent.

Imagine Durness

Last Tuesday morning I awoke to the sound of my radio alarm broadcasting “Londons Burning” there was “Panic on the streets of Birmingham” in general we had “Anarchy in the UK” This wasn’t some old punk radio show this was the News. It was ironic that I had the Smiths, The Clash and the Pistols on my compilation disc that I was playing in the car as Val and I departed the Central Belt for a few days away. As it happens we were travelling as far away as humanly possible from the English Riots. Durness was Calling, and I was hoping to get a wee bit of fishing slipped in among the sightseeing and walking stuff etc. We arrived at Sango Sands campsite in the late afternoon and set up camp for what we thought would be four nights of looking over one of the best sea views in Scotland. It really was a wonderful spot. The rest of the day was spent walking along the dunes and beaches and we enjoyed watching huge waves crashing into the shore. I awoke the next day to the sound of rain r

Durness is Calling

There will be no further blog reports until Sunday at the earliest as I'm off up North again first thing in the morning. My destination is Durness. This time the missus will be coming alone, so fishing time will be limited to a couple of hours in the morning and the evening if all goes to plan. I am hoping to cast some flies on the famous limestone Lochs in the area. My accomodation for the next four or five days will be a tent so I hope the weather holds out. Looking forward to plenty fresh air, sunrises and sunsets. " The Man you are will know the Boy you were"

Pike, Perch and Nae Troot.

Last night I visited a very grey, dreich and wet Hillend Loch. The Club was hosting the inter-club boat pairs competition between our club and the Clarkston Angling Club. It was a horrible night for the boat as the rain persisted all night and actually got worse as the night went on. I wasn't competing in the comp as I wasn't invited so I chose to fish from the bank on my own. I fished along the south shore all the way to the wee moss. Close to Bracco burn area I saw a couple of heavy splashes well within casing range so I cast my two flies over the increasing rippling rings. I got a half hearted attempt at my top dropper which was a Kate McLaren.I then had another cast, next there was another huge splash and I saw the glistening olive sheen from a big pike just below the surface then I had a fish on but the fish that grabbed my Kate was a little perch which I probably saved from the jaws of the pike as the big predator was obviously ambushing small perch. After a qu

New Hillend Angling Pavilion

I had a visit to Hillend tonight but not on fishing duty, I may do that tomorrow. I just went up to the Loch tonight to take some pics have a blether and see how the clubhouse was shaping up as there has been a bit of landscaping and tidying up been done recently. I was happy to see that the new timber Lodge has been erected It still has some work to be done to it but its looking in great shape. I think that the idea of the Timber Lodge or the Competition Pavilion as it may be called is fantastic as it will be used as a changing and drying facility for the anglers as well as a place for anglers to weigh their catches. This will be especially useful on competition days/nights etc. The facilities we now have at Hillend is exceptional and once again the Angling Club has to be congratulated on all the hard work that has been put in to take us to the level we are now at. Airdrie and District Angling Club has come along way since the days when we operated from a container at the Eastercrof