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Tying a basic nymph

Its been a while since I last put up one of my tying video. I don't claim to be any great expert tyer, there are a few out there on you tube etc who are experts and who's videos are quite simply the best and will never be equalled in quality of tying and production. This is just my attempt at giving the few who follow my posts on here an idea on how to tie a very simple yet very effective nymph pattern for any loch or stillwater. Hope this is of use to anyone having a go at tying for the first time.

Orchil Loch

  Yesterday I visited a fishery for the first time in a while.I don't normally visit fisheries these days as they do have a bad press and usually attract the type of angler that makes me despair. However this fishery isn't your usual hole in the grun type. Orchil is a very picturesque fishery just a few miles from Gleneagles and is well managed and cultivated. Scott and I arrived early in the morning. It was bitterly cold and numbing on the hands. Regardless we set up and made our way round to the area we fancied fishing. I was soon into the first fish of the day a 3lb rainbow fooled by a wee harelug nymph which had the unusual material of wild boar fibres for a tail. I was using my sink tip line at the time too. Soon after I got another solid take but sadly lost the fish during the ensuing fight.While all this was going Scott got his first fish then after a wee while he got another. Then the moment I had been dreading happened. He arrived at the loch in ful

The Black Loch

  Imaging my surprise this afternoon when visiting the Glasgow Angling Centre for  various flyting odds and ends when just as I was leaving the store I came a across a flyer for the Black Loch which is near Limeriigg just a few miles north east of Hillend. Rather than me try to describe the loch and the ambitious plans for the loch its best just to visit the website which has everything you need to know about this potentially great fishing venue. I certainly would like to visit this new venue in the coming season. Have a look

U C A P A River Clyde permits 2013

  United Clyde Angling Protective Association Ltd Permit Proposals for 2013 Having increased the price of permits in 2012 to bring them to a realistic level to meet all the financial commitments and plans of UCAPA LTD, we also found ourselves in a deepening economic recession which may have affected the sale of permits. At this stage, this has not happened and it is clear that the true Clyde angler values his fishing and more importantly recognises the costs of maintaining the fishery and continues to support the Association. With these points in mind, the Association has recommended a “freeze” on permit prices at the 2012 levels for a further year.   “Universal Permit” The price of the 2013 Annual permit will be set at £140.00 for Adult Anglers with concessionary prices for Senior Citizens at £115.00 and £60 for Juveniles under 16. This permit will enable the angler to fish in UCAPA LTD waters all year round and will suit those who like to fish for Sa