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Regional Fly Tying.

I've been busy at the tying bench over last couple of nights tying up some patterns that have been recommended to me and which for some reason I don't appear to have in my numerous fly boxes, Hard to believe , I know but its true. One of those patterns is Hugo's Olive which is an apparent must have for a couple of the Caithness Lochs and a fly I imagine from the name was devised by Hugo Ross the Caithness angler and angling retailer. You could say I have been travelling all over the country in a fly tying sense , moving from as far north as Caithness all the way down to Lanarkshire as you can see with my Magpie and Silver which is a Clyde Fly of great repute. As well as these two regions I also tied flies that are synonymous with Ayrshire and patterns from the North West Highlands, Orkney and Ireland. You could say I tied a fair cosmopolitan collection of flies.

A Trio from the Lily Loch

I decided to give Hillend Loch a miss tonight and decided to walk over the hill with Tam to the Lily Loch instead. We went right up to the west side of the Loch and had our first casts of the evening there. No contact was made with fish so we decided to try our luck along the South shore of the Loch. After a while Tam said he was having a break as he had Bailiff duties to attend to so off he went walking all the way round the Loch and back. He was only away ten minutes when I was into my first fish of the evening, a rainbow trout of about 1 3/4lb. After a quick photo call I was out on the water again and about three casts later I was into my second fish of the night a nice wee natural Lily Loch Broonie which after a quick pic was safely returned to the water. After half an hour or so Tam returned and was surprised to find out that I had caught a couple. He enquired what I had caught them on and told him it was my elk hair sedge pattern. I then opened my fly box and gave him one

Fly Boxes

At the last count I had about a dozen fox boxes all filled with flies not to mention another four or five small boxes. I know that I have more flies than I could ever use in a lifetime. I reckon having so many boxes and flies can cause more problems than finding a solution to catching trout. The plain fact is I have far too many flies to choose from and when it comes to preparing for a fishing outing it's a real headache wondering which boxes to leave behind. Some folk have advised me to just go fishing with about half a dozen patterns the mere thought of that makes me shudder. Don't get me wrong I no longer carry all my boxes with me anymore I have it down to three, sometimes four boxes in my bag these days. I have decided that for my trip to Caithness next month I will be taking just the four boxes the three above plus one other with Hoppers , Daddies, cdc's , sedges and some nymphs. Tam told me has cut down too, he's just taking the one box which I found surp

A Couple of Trout

I visited Hillend on Sunday evening hoping to see rising fish at the sedge. I was in the bay next to the Wee Moss then along by the Big Stane where I covered the only fish I saw all evening then I tried round at the point near the Braco Burn all to no avail. Today though Tosh and I went back into the area near the Braco this morning. After getting the disposable BBQ alight we waited on the first batch of sausages and burgers for breakfast. Soon after we were fishing in the Bay that Tosh fondly calls 4lb bay as he caught a fish of that weight here a few years back. We next tried all along those places I tried the night before, then back to the point next to the Braco. Our perseverence paid off as Tosh caught a trout with his favourite spinner the Black and Gold Toby in....... you guessed it, 4lb Bay. Although this time his trout was of a more modest weight. After rising a couple of fish to my flies east of the Big Stane the unexpected happened I caught a trout on a Kate McLar

Still Piscatorally Challenged.

Well a week has gone since I last put finger tips to keyboard on here and still I'm piscatorally challenged. I visited Hillend on Tuesday all booted and wadered up and opted for the woodside trying various bays and points. Then on Friday night I gave the narrows ago just down from the club house. It was a terrible night weather wise so I had the place to myself...well for an hour or so before an old codger with a west Lothian accent came along and sat beside me on a bench while I was taking a break. He then plodded into the Loch where I had been fishing which meant I was ousted from my prefered spot. I was furious and decided to move over to the right a bit then the next thing I know he was casting over my bloody line when I was casting at rising fish. He must have been so desperate. I just walked away in disgust and packed up. I think I need a break from Hillend for a while and perhaps try another Loch. I'm not giving up.......just yet, as I am thinking of having another tr

Why does it always rain on Me?

Tonight Scott and I were afloat at Hillend to participate in the annual Hillend Flyfishing Boat pairs competition. The comp runs for a month and is fished at the weekends. It's just your luck what the weather throws at you but normally June can guarantee good weather with plenty of fly life and fish activity on the Loch. Tonight a strong east wind with rain persisted for the whole evening. I prepared well for tonight I had tied up various flies which I thought would be required etc etc especially a Connamara Black which I thought would be just the trick. To cut a long story short Scott caught a cracker of a natural Hillend Broonie and also lost one at the net which was a comedy of errors. I was in charge of the net as Scott played the fish and as he eased it towards the net one of his dropper flies caught on my hat I must have jolted up and the next thing we knew the fish was off. Once again I caught the complete total of hee haw! I really am getting fed up going up to Hill

The Clarkston Tangler and I

Last night Tam and I went afloat at Hillend. We set off from the boat moorings with a strong east wind blowing up the Loch. We had a a drift down the south shore for a short distance but continually got blew into the edge of the no fishing zone at the South shore. Whilst in this area we actually saw a few fish which we presumed to be rising to the Green Drakes. We then decided it would be better to get out the throat of the wind so went round to the back of the woods where it wasn't just so windy. As it happened we ended up staying in this area the rest of the evening trying various drifts. There were quite a few Green Drakes about which a few fish were interested in. The east wind was a constant hindrance to us and eventually down came the rain which soaked us to the bone. We persevered though as quite a few fish were showing especially near the shore under the overhanging trees. I would just like to say at this juncture that Tam has a new name after being frustrated with his c

A Fish at last!

As the title says but not quite. I arrived at Hillend about 10 30 am. Pulled the waders on then my new wading boots and off I went . My first stop was at Boathouse bay. Had a few cast here then walked through the woods to Lowes Bay. I spent quite a bit of time here and also watched many green drakes hatching and fluttering around most were taken by the gulls but surprisingly I only saw one fish rise for them. I next tried the Mound but soon was on the move again. This time I made my way round to the three trees and fished all the way down the bay at the back of the woods. About half way down I felt the jag jag jag of a trout at last. I played him out and eased him over to my my net and just as I was about to put the net under him..... Ping! He was off! The Lord's name was taken in vane and was probably heard right round the woods. Never mind I'm counting it as I probably would have put him back anyway . My only regret was that I never got a photo of the fish which I recko

The Doobry

I received an email last night from one of my Blog followers who is also a regular visitor to the local tackle shop... the Airdrie Angling Centre. Jim had been up at Loch Watten last week and was telling me how he got on. He didn't get out on the Loch on Monday or Tuesday because of the Gales but had three fantastic days at Watten from the Wednesday to the Friday. Anyway he let me know what his most successful patterns were. One of those patterns he mentioned was the Doobry which for some reason I don't have in any of my boxes. As Scott, Tam and I are heading up there in July I decided to knock up a couple these patterns this afternoon. The fly has a great reputation for wild brown trout and was originally devised for the Lochs of Orkney by the well known angler, author and fly tyer Stan Headley. I don't know what he would make of my attempt as the body isn't true to the original as I used a golden olive holographic tinsel as for some reason I didn't have any plai