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The Fox Box!

Rencently I have been on the hunt to purchase a new fly box for a selection of patterns that I have tied over the last couple of months or so. The box I was looking for was "The Fox Box" But search as I might in all the local angling shops, unfortunately they didnt appear to stock my favourite fly boxes anymore instead all the shops and mail order sites are stocking the in vogue clear plastic boxes which are fine but I prefer the fox box so much so I have about ten fox boxes in my angling cupboard at home but they are all full. The fox box in my opinion is the quintessential fly box . Its the perfect size, it holds the flies firmly in place, if dropped it floats,  fits neatly into my jacket pocket and also holds 120 flies which is absurdly more flies than you will ever need for a days fishing if not a complete season. It was with great delight today that I popped into my refurbished and newly opened local angling shop and after a bit of searching the owner came across t