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A neglected pattern

Looking through my storage flee box tonight, I came across a pattern that'd been lying dormant and forgotten about for years! It looked a bit battered and worse for wear but I remembered how successful it was! It was shown to me by an auld Hillend Veteran years ago who told me he had been doing well with it @ Hillend. He told me to use it with a slow intermediate line. So off I went and tied a few and sure enough it was very successful even with a floating line. As I said the only one I had left has been lying forgotten about in my box! It's funny how flies go in and out of fashion I guess it's because we're always looking forward and wanting to try something new that's perhaps better! Anyway as the Angling lockdown looks like easing soon @ Hillend, I tied a fresh one of these patterns tonight! No doubt I'll tie a few more in the next day or too! #Lockdownflytying Black uni 8/0 Magenta Peacock herl body Copper wire rib Brown/ginger fibre tail Folded magpie

Flytying is my vice!

During lockdown I've never been far away from the vice! And I've been thinking of different approaches to my fishing and realised I dont try enough different patterns etc when I'm out fishing and usually only use a few flies over the course of the day. Pictured here are selection of patterns which I really need to utilise more often! #Lockdownflytying