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Waterhen Bloa!

My first trip of the season to the Clyde last week got me thinking. What would be the best two general patterns to use on the upper Clyde? I checked with all my relevant Clyde literature etc and had a couple of flies in mind but nothing can beat hands on advice so to speak so I got in touch with someone who is a regular on the Clyde. He informed me that the main hatches on the Clyde at the start of the season are the large dark olives and the March Browns and therefore recommended a Waterhen Bloa and a March brown spider. I am currently tying a few of the affore mentioned flies and look forward to trying them next time I'm on the Clyde. The pattern above is my Waterhen Bloa. The dressing is.... Hook. size 12 or 14 Thread. Yellow Body. Mole dubbed very finely Hackle. Waterhen or Moorehen.

Back to Hillend!

With my first blank of the season under my belt after visiting the Clyde yesterday I was keen to get back up to Hillend today. I decided on fishing from the Big Moss as the wind was coming from the west. It was very windy and cold today but I'm pleased to report that I got another couple of trout today. No broonies today though, both were rainbows. I Decided to end my session around half past two and head for the Clubhouse for a welcome hot cup of soup just before the rain moved in. All in all its been a pleasing start to the season for me.

Fishing the Clyde Again!

I departed Airdrie this morning listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. No I havent gone comletely insane I was listening to the opening track on the Who's Quadrophenia, as I travelled south in my car to Abington. On arrival I noticed the areas I like to fish were busy with that being the opening weekend an all so I drove back in the direction of Lammington and pulled up in a layby near the Wandell Burn. I followed the burn down to the Clyde then decided to walk up stream and fish my way down to the Roberton burn. On my way down I fished the river hard but neither saw or touched a fish. Once I reached the Roberton Burn area I had a break and wandered around taking pics and had a bite to eat. Refreshed I walked back up to where I started and noticed a few fish rising. Encouraged by this I cast in among them but had no luck I most probably spooked them. I fished on back down stream again but remained piscatoraly challenged. I suppose it had to happen, my first bla

First Fish of the season!

Last season it happened at the front of the woods near the island, this season it was at the back of the woods in the Big back bay. If you are wondering what this could be it's where I caught my first trout of the season at Hillend Loch. I managed to fool a brown trout with a green and black lure. Where and when is always worry at the start of the season because it can sometimes stretch into next month therefore I was very pleased to catch my first fish which was shortly after followed by my second fish a stocked rainbow trout fooled once again by my black and green lure. Conditions were wet and windy when I arrived at Hillend this morning so I decided we would go round the back of the woods which was more sheltered than everywhere else on the loch. Tosh was spinning and I was fly fishing. Tosh had the first fish of the day a perch then soon after the bigggest fish of the day a 3lb brown trout I then caught my two fish then Tosh went on to catch another brown and a bow . All T

Let the Fishing Begin!

At last its here! The Glorious 15th.Its been a long dark winter. The rods are ready. the reels have been greased and the flies have been tied. Let the fishing begin. Hillend is once again open for trout fishing for the next 8 months. I wonder what the coming months have in store for me? Memorable days and most probably forgetful blanks. Just one thing though due to a change in my shift patterns at work I will be unable to wet a line today but I'll be at Hillend on Friday for my first trip of the season. This is always an exciting time for anglers as we are full of optimism and dream of red letter days by the lochside.Over the next few weeks I will be reacquainting myself with my favourite spots at Hillend and will also be making plans to travel around the country to rivers and highland lochs. Although I wont be fishing on opening day I am going to try and get up to the Hillend Lodge after work to meet some of the regulars and see how they have got on.

All White at Hillend!

Tyed a few more lures this evening in various colours and styles. I quite like this one. It actually has a red collar hackle with a white one in front but you cant see it properly due to my choice of background and poor photography skills. I think this will work well at Hillend as lures with white marabou tails such as Dancers etc and the like have always been successful at our place. Over the next few days I will be tying lures extensively as I don't really have many lures in my armoury. This year I'm going to use them at the start of the season in conjunction with my sink tip line and hope to get a few troot in the net and the freezer to share with my fish loving friends and family.

Hillend Damsel

Better late than never eh? As promised here is a lure I tied using some materials I purchased at the weekend from GAC. I intend to use this damsel on my first trip of the new season at Hillend next week. I got the inspiration for this lure the other day they when I was in Johnny's wee angling shop in Airdrie. Even though I tie my own flies I always like to see what Johnny has got in his shop as I usually buy some and and try to copy them when I get home. It could be said that this pattern my catch the angler but I'm sure it will be a fish catcher too. To be honest I don't really like tying lures as I get most pleasure from tying traditional wets etc but sometimes there is a need to use these type of flies/lures especially at the start of the season. So I decided to tie up half a dozen of these to use next week. Please leave a comment ,good , bad or indifferent

Super Sunday at the Glasgow Angling Centre

As I mentioned on Friday I did indeed go along to the GAC open day today. Parking was at a premium as it was very busy. As soon as entered I headed for the tyers row and Cookshill stall. After studying the cookshill stand and purchasing my desired materials I then watched the tyers doing their demos. It was good to see Davie Downie for the first time. I have wathced some of his demos on his You Tube Channel so was pleased to meet him today.The other tyers were Dougie Loughridge and David Edwards. I spent most of my time watching Davie only because the trout flies and lures interested me more than the Big Pike flies the other lads were tying.Due to unforeseen circumstances Davie McPhail was unable to do his tying demos this weekend but I did manage to meet him and have a chat as he was mingling in the store. I was greatly encouraged by his kind words about my flytying as he does look at this blog occasionally. A true gent. I was going to tie some patterns up tonight using the new mate

Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend

As previously stated my mind has been on other things lately as its been busy busy busy but this weekend my thoughts will be turning to the fast approaching trout season as the GAC have their annual open weekend with all manner of Angling celebrities in attendance passing on their knowledge and expertise. I will be particularly looking forward to watching Davie McPhail's tying demos and also hope to have a chat with him. Among the TV anglers in attendance will be Paul Young , Matt Hayes , Mick Brown and Hywel Morgan. No doubt I will be tempted to purchase a load of tying materials etc but will have to resist the temptation of a new rod as I really do have enough, as my wife keeps reminding me.I just hope that I have enough cash left over to pick up membership for Hillend on Saturday too. So that's all for now folks as its bedlam here at Dabbler HQ with the wife having the whole house in makeover mode. Where is that Colin and Justin when you need them lol!