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Flytying Inspiration

Flytying inspiration comes from various sources such as books, magazines, websites, friends and more than ever these flytyers such as Davie McPhail and Martyn White aka Flickingfeathers . I used to collect T&S and FF&FT for years and have boxes of them in the loft. However I stopped buying them as they were getting repetitive and be coming more of an advertising vehicle more than anything else. However last week I bought a fishing magazine for the first time in  years! Just to read during my lunchtime at work. I purchased The Autumn edition of T&S which I found to be as expected very dull with not a lot to interest me, apart from one article which caught my eye on a fly pattern called the mandarin crippler. Always a sucker for tying big bushy patterns I read this page with interest as I liked the look of this as it suited my style of fishing and I fancied having a go at tying this pattern. However I don't have the exact materials as described in the

Chasing Rainbows

My fishing buddy and I headed up to Hillend on Friday morning as we had booked a boat! However when we arrived it was far too windy for our liking. So we made our apologies and headed into West Lothian chasing rainbows for a first time visit to Drumtassie! On a 4hr C&R ticket!  My mate and I both got 2 trout each. My 2nd fish was my last cast of our day and what a lump of a fish it was! Not sure of exact weight but it gave me a great scrap! The photo doesnt do it justice but when you compare it with the others you get an idea of the size! Both my fish were caught on a gaudy Greenish/Olive Lure while my mate caught his on a wee drab nymph pattern!

Wet day oot @ the Black Loch

Due to Covid this year I have a plethora of holidays to use up from work so off I went to The Black Loch on Thursday with my mate for a day out on the boat!  We managed 9 fish for the boat. My mate got 6 while I fooled 3. I was most surprised to hook and land a roach too! That was a first for me! A very enjoyable day for the both of us however we did get soaked a few times in the heavy showers that passed over Limerigg. When the wind picked up we called it a day!