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Old Flies-New Pics!

Since the brown trout fishing season has ended Ive only been out fishing once and my thoughts and attention have been elsewhere. As a result my blog has been somewhat neglected and the blog viewing figures are at an all time low.I'm not sure when I'll get out fishing again as the next few weeks are a very busy time for me but I do intend to get back into tying flies as that too has been neglected.. So do please keep checking back at the blog to see what patterns Ive been tying. In the mean time here are some of my old tyings with a different way of presenting them.

Tying Loch Flies.

Now that winter is well and truly here with the long dark nights Ive been tying most nights and filling up a new box. Here is an example of the Loch style I've been tying in all manner of colours and variations.