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Im getting restless!

Ive not been fishing now for a few months  but I'm beginning to get the urge again so hopefully i will have something tio report soon wether it be from a fishery or a grayling trip. With the way the weather has been recently I think the river will be ruled out for the time being. In the meatime heres a few vids from the past year which I never got round to posting on here and which make me want to get out there again among the fresh air. Scott abrupt as ever , me solo on the loch at Hillend and Tam coming in for his tea. Happy New year! 

Old Flies-New Pics!

Since the brown trout fishing season has ended Ive only been out fishing once and my thoughts and attention have been elsewhere. As a result my blog has been somewhat neglected and the blog viewing figures are at an all time low.I'm not sure when I'll get out fishing again as the next few weeks are a very busy time for me but I do intend to get back into tying flies as that too has been neglected.. So do please keep checking back at the blog to see what patterns Ive been tying. In the mean time here are some of my old tyings with a different way of presenting them.

Tying Loch Flies.

Now that winter is well and truly here with the long dark nights Ive been tying most nights and filling up a new box. Here is an example of the Loch style I've been tying in all manner of colours and variations.

Always the bridesmaid

      Today I had my first ever Black Loch Blank! Its got a certain ring to it eh? and a phrase I hope I don't have to use again. Tam and I arrived about 8.30 this morning full of promise and advice on tactics etc from various regulars and were surprised to see so many cars and anglers in the car park. A fly fishing club called the Rainbow Warriors were having an outing there today. Apparently they are well known on the competition scene. Something I'm not very keen on. They were all decked out with their best fishing suits, boat chairs and a ton of gear. What I roll my eyes at is that most of them treat their fishing as a secret mission. They are never willing to pass on advice and even hide their fly patterns from view of  other anglers. They really are a competitive lot but amongst all the one-upmanship they do appear to enjoy themselves and are fairly successful too. So who am I to criticise. Anyway I digress I'm just a crap angler who who enjoys goi

Four Traditional Wets

This week my spare room got revamped and I managed to get a new tying bench so I now have my tying gear etc permanently set up in the alcove of the room. My tying materials are now all reorganised and neat and I now know where everything is placed and is easy to access. So last night I tied a few patterns. As I haven't tied much recently and I do enjoy tying traditional wets, I tied these relatively easy patterns to get me started again. I suppose that the fly tying season is well under way now.

Last trout of the season

As yesterday was the last day of the trout season at my local loch I decided that I might as well have one last visit to Hillend yesterday afternoon. So after watching some football I got prepared and went up to the loch to see if I could get a favourable result. When I arrived at the loch I got chatting to a couple of anglers who were up north last week too and they were telling me all about their success. I heard that a few fish were getting caught on the north shore but I opted to walk along the south shore to the Eastercroft bay and work my way back to the club house from there. Before I started I boiled up an nice mug of curry soup then I started fishing from the jetty at the easterfcroft and worked my way round the cliffs past the next jetty just before the wee moss. It was then that I hooked and captured my last trout of the season. It was a rainbow, round about the 4lb mark and it was fooled by one of my cormorant patterns which I had on the point, I also had the obli

Among the Hills

Unfortunately the Right Honourable Marquis of Linlithgow was unable to grant me and my friend Alex permission to fish one of my favourite lochs today as the trout season on this Noble loch finished on the 30 th of September. I was very disappointed when I found out about this on Friday afternoon as I was looking forward to end in the season in style at the Right Honourable gentleman’s loch. It’s such a lovely loch and I have always did quite well when I have fished it in the past. However all was not lost as when I last visited the loch in the summer Scott and I spoke to a fisherman when we were leaving and he told us of another smaller loch nearby which was rather good and had plentiful trout. Alex and arrived among the hills this morning and headed up the hill to the wee loch. It didn’t take too long to arrive at it but when got to the brow of the hill our hearts sank as the loch was two thirds covered in weed. However as we looked across the loch we saw a decent sized

Still up North

    Here are a few more pics from my end of season Stravaig last weekend. The fishing was very difficult at times with the bright clear blue skies and when it was overcast there wasn't as much as a breeze for most of the day. I had two fantastic day of catching trout and two days of not much trout action at all but it was fantastic to be tramping over the hills taking photographs surrounded by wonderful scenery.

The Wild North West

        John and I along with our Fishing gear, wine, beer, whisky and a couple of shopping bags of not so healthy food substances arrived at the   hostel around midday There were only a handful of stravaigers in residence when we arrived. After settling in and unloading the gear John and decided to have a few hours up on the shoulder loch with the island. We made good progress up the hill and across the heather and bog and were soon fishing and despite the bright sunshine and clear skies we caught a plethora of trout. It was great fun and a great start to the srravaig to be out on the hill with breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and lochs stretched out before us. After we exhausted ourselves we reluctantly had to leave the loch and head back down the hill and make the short journey back to the hostel. By this time more sravaigers had arrived. A lovely meal was prepared for everyone by Vaughn which was washed down by numerous drinks by

The Hillend Veteran and I

    Today I arranged a day off work and met up with Hillend veteran Davie Graham. Davie is a Hillend angler of great repute and a very experienced fly fisher indeed. Last year Davie and his boat partner won the annual Hillend boat angling competition so I was looking forward to sharing a boat today with him and looking to tap into his vast knowledge and experience of fly fishing at Hillend as well as his knowledge of highland lochs. Davie suggested we head straight up to the west of the loch at the dam and make our first drift of the day from there. Davie set up with floating line with a Kate muddler on the point a butcher on the middle and a soldier palmer on the bob, while I tried a sink tip line with a lure on the point and a Kate on the top dropper. Very soon Davie was into a fish, a nice brown trout which was fooled by the Kate McLaren Muddler. I persevered for a while longer with my set up but eventually changed to my floating line with a wet daddy and

A welcome Fish

As I said in my last blog post I haven't being fishing much recently, well since that last article that statement still remains the same. Well with the end of the season fast approaching I thought I had better make the most of the next few weeks so off I went to Hillend on Saturday morning for the first time in a while. The weather was very pleasant as I walked along the south shore which looks in a terrible state as the water level at the moment is very very low. In fact its the lowest I've seen it in about ten years or so. It doesn't look its best with all the mud and bog showing. The above pic taken during the week form a hill to the south of the loch will give you an idea how low it actually is. I stopped at the Eastercroft bay just round from the cliffs and sat for a while. I noticed a few fish splashing around so I made a few casts at them but to no avail. I fished on for a further few hours moving around a bit and trying various areas. I then went back to wh

Black Loch Trout & Micro Perch

  I've not had much to write about recently as I've not been fishing much. I was last out a couple of weeks ago at Hillend on the boat but my time on the loch was uneventful. Therefore I was keen to get out today at the Black Loch. Alex and I arrived at the loch just before 5pm and when I went to the bothy to tell them I had booked a boat the chap asked if I was "aff ma heed" The reason for him questioning my sanity was perfectly reasonable as there was a fierce westerly blowing right down the loch. Regardless of the weather we went out on the loch with the hope of catching fish and the weather improving. Our hopes of the wind improving were fruitless as it persisted all night but our encounters with the fish were a little better. Alex was first into a fish which took a Daiwl Bach but he lost the fish in the ensuing fight. It was a while later before I made contact with a trout I was fishing a big bushy Loch Ordie and a wet daddy when a trout was fooled

Friday night @ the Black Loch

    Last night I made my long awaited first visit to the Black Loch. I had been meaning to fish this venue for a couple of months now after hearing all about the good reports from it although I had heard these last few weeks have been difficult, probably due to the high temperatures and bright sunshine. Scott and I booked an evening session on the boat from 5pm to 10pm. We fished for a few hours trying different areas of the loch without success apart from one moment when Scott got a savage take and the fish broke his three fly cast. It wasn't until around 9pm when the real fish action started. fish were heading and tailing and rising to various flies on the surface. We decided to gink up our flies and pull them across the surface but we soon realised that the trout seemed to like to have a go at them when we left them static on the surface. We had numerous takes and rises to our flies for the rest of the evening, Scott was first to net a fish it took his dry se

The Curse of the Tattie Bogals!

I knew that Skye is not a great fly fishing destination so was surprised when my friends decided on a few days away there this summer for our annual fishing trip. Never the less, accommodation and fishing was booked so off we went leaving Lanarkshire early on Tuesday morning The drive to Skye was uneventful but as we approached our accommodation along the road between Carbost and Portnalong it was like a scene from the Wicker Man with Tattie Bogals lying at the side of the road and propped up on garden seats and even in a bus shelter. I was half expecting Lord Summerisle himself to welcome us at our digs and tell us that the apple harvest had failed. Thankfully there was no sign of him but we did have a Tattie Bogal named Lily the Pink sitting outside our But n Ben for the duration of our stay. Well something must have failed, apples or otherwise because the fishing was disappointing to say the least. So if you are reading this expecting to read tales of a great fi

Black & White Ordies

Off for a few days away on a Herbridean Fishing trip this week and as ever my mate Tam always wants me to tie some flies for him and it was no surprise to me that he wanted a Loch Ordie Variant. He must have a box full of Ordie variants because every time we go away that's what he wants . This time as you can see he wanted a black and white version. And who can blame him for wanting  these patterns as every fishing trip we have went over the last few years these patterns appear to out fish all out other fly patterns. Here's hoping these will do the trick this time too.

Advantage! The Fish

Conditions weren't ideal in fact it was outrageously silly to be out fishing in the warmest day of the year at Hillend. As I walked across the jetty to prepare the boat I noticed  a big shoal of perch basking in the sunshine. Regardless of the blazing sun I went afloat at Hillend about 5pm and headed right up to the west end of the loch. It wasn't long before I got my first bite.... A bloody cleg bit me on the side of the face and it nipped. I drifted down to the island but the drift was extremely slow as there wasn't much wind. Nothing doing in that drift I manoeuvred the boat over to the Eastercroft bay where I hooked and lost my only fish of the session. It was a brown trout of about 1lb in weight which was fooled by a wee silver bodied wet daddy but as I was getting my net ready to land him he managed to throw the hook, agggggh! but I'm counting it! Encouraged I fished on for quite a bit in this area but I wasn't really drifting because of the la

The Junction 6 Spider

    Today when I was at my work I came across this poor bird by the side of the road. I'm assuming its a buzzard , someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway never one to let the chance of procuring feathers for the purpose of flytying I managed to fill a couple of zip bags. Here's the first fly I've tied from the feathers I found on the A8. I might as well name the pattern The Junction 6 Spider.

A plethora of trout

  I didn't bother fishing Hillend over the weekend instead I had planned for a days fishing today. I was in two minds where to go today. In the end I opted for a lochan which nestles in a cleuch at over a thousand feet high on a familiar and popular Lanarkshire hill. When I arrived I set up with a wet daddie and a Kate and right away I hooked into a trout which was fooled by the Kate. It was surprising to note that there wasn't much fly life about and only saw a few rises. The wind at times made casting difficult but I kept on the move and managed cover the whole lochan. I landed fish after fish but nothing of great size and the Jurassic trout I had come in search of proved elusive.I know they are there and will have to return soon to meet up with them. In summary it was a wonderful day in a magnificent setting which felt like I was somewhere in the highlands.