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Airdrie & District AC. AGM 2013.

Not long back from the Airdrie and District Angling club AGM. It appeared to be better attended than it has in the last few years. as you can imagine it was just the usual club business of election and re-election of all the various posts in the club. Along with all the usual debate about stocking policy etc there were two stand out observations foe me at this meeting which were that it was announced that the last year was the most successful year in the angling club's history. The other being that the club are to consult Dr Willie Yeomans of Glasgow University to arrange if possible to have a complete survey of Hillend Loch to assess fish population and the environmental health for the fish in the loch. I look forward to the findings of this. Prices remain pretty much the same but an increase of £5 on the annual membership? which I find a bit frustrating as after all this was the most successful year in the club's history. Anyway the club is in good hands as we move forw

Charlie McLean Fly Pattern

Just the other day when I was surfing through my favourite fishing forum, The Wild Fishing Forum, I came across reference to what may well be referred to as a Hebridean wet fly pattern called the Charlie McLean. Although the name sounded vaguely familiar I wasn't aware of the fly pattern. After a doing a bit research [ Google really is a wonderful resource] I found out that this pattern is a firm favourite with one of my favourite angling authors, Bruce Sandison. Bruce got to know about this worthy trout pattern whilst researching his excellent book called, The Sporting Gentleman's Gentleman. Which is a collection of fascinating and entertaining stories about Highland Gillies.I'm lucky enough to have a copy of this book which I managed to source in a wee secondhand book shop in Thurso whilst in that area on a fishing trip. Today I refreshed my memory by reading chapter 2 , Hebridean charm and the heather Isles. In this chapter Bruce gives some insight into Charlie Mc

Clyde Style Night Flies

Today as I was loafing about the house I decided to have a read through my two prised River Clyde fishing books. Although the thought of wading the river and casting a team of flies down the river still seems a age away, as I turned page after page it got me thinking of some memorable nights with the trout using the Big Flee as w esay in these pairts. One of the best patterns to use on the River Clyde on balmmy summer nights is the Magpie tail. There are various dressings incorporating the magpie tail feather but for me this pattern is the best of the night flies. Other famous gloaming flies are the Stank Hen and Crow and Black. I decided to tie a few Magpie tails today this one is the best of the lot.

Flies for the Highlands

Tonight I pulled up a chair switched on the radio and poured myself a coffee and started attaching tinsel, thread, wire and feather to some hooks in the hope that the resulting flies will be used for catching brown trout in a few lochans that I have in mind come the Spring. Nothing new or innovative here just another half dozen or so palmered flies to add to the hundreds of patterns that I already have. This year though I'm going to cut down on the amount of flies I carry with me. I say this every year but hopefully this year I will have the confidence to do so. Its so much more comfortable and enjoyable to go fishing as light as possible. These style of flies are always reliable on highland lochans so these are being added to the one box which I intend carrying this year.

Casting For Recovery

A few days ago I noticed on the River Clyde Fishing Forum that Munro one of the forum moderators suggested a great idea for raising funds for the" Casting for Recovery" charity. His idea was to get the keen fly dressers on the forum to put together a box of grayling bugs and flies, with the novel idea that all the patterns should incorporate the colour pink. He would then auction the flies via the Lets tackle Cancer auction site and donate the money to Casting For Recovery. I was only too happy to help out to this worthy cause and by the look of things there has been a plethora of flies sent to him which you can view at There are some great pattern on show on there. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause get in touch with Munro at the River Clyde Fishing Forum and he will give you details etc as to where to send your flies. The above patterns are my contribution.