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Black Loch Trout & Micro Perch

  I've not had much to write about recently as I've not been fishing much. I was last out a couple of weeks ago at Hillend on the boat but my time on the loch was uneventful. Therefore I was keen to get out today at the Black Loch. Alex and I arrived at the loch just before 5pm and when I went to the bothy to tell them I had booked a boat the chap asked if I was "aff ma heed" The reason for him questioning my sanity was perfectly reasonable as there was a fierce westerly blowing right down the loch. Regardless of the weather we went out on the loch with the hope of catching fish and the weather improving. Our hopes of the wind improving were fruitless as it persisted all night but our encounters with the fish were a little better. Alex was first into a fish which took a Daiwl Bach but he lost the fish in the ensuing fight. It was a while later before I made contact with a trout I was fishing a big bushy Loch Ordie and a wet daddy when a trout was fooled