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A plethora of trout

  I didn't bother fishing Hillend over the weekend instead I had planned for a days fishing today. I was in two minds where to go today. In the end I opted for a lochan which nestles in a cleuch at over a thousand feet high on a familiar and popular Lanarkshire hill. When I arrived I set up with a wet daddie and a Kate and right away I hooked into a trout which was fooled by the Kate. It was surprising to note that there wasn't much fly life about and only saw a few rises. The wind at times made casting difficult but I kept on the move and managed cover the whole lochan. I landed fish after fish but nothing of great size and the Jurassic trout I had come in search of proved elusive.I know they are there and will have to return soon to meet up with them. In summary it was a wonderful day in a magnificent setting which felt like I was somewhere in the highlands.

The Midges!

  Last night I experienced the Hillend Midges full on for the first time this season. So after this vid being brought to my attention today I thought it would be fun to share.

Hot Legs!

My approach to fishing  highland lochans is normally a set up of a team of traditional wet flies. However today I tied up a few of these unorthodox flies after learning from someone I know who uses patterns like these as his first fly of choice on wild highland lochans. He fishes it mostly static but gives it a tweak now and again to disturb the surface. They are very easy to tie and a bit rough and ready in an artistic fly tying sense. However it is a fact that pretty well tied flies don't fool the trout, they are tied with a view to fooling the angler. Next time I'm out I intend to give these patterns a  good try and report back with my success or otherwise.

A Noble Loch

    Sunday 4pm the 9th of June 2013. My friend Scott and I were honoured to be granted permission to fish by the Right Honourable Marquis of Linlithgow no less. That was jolly nice of him don’t you think? On my last two visits to this loch last year I had no idea how highly prized and noble this loch was but today was a revelation. As we made our way out the village and up the very rough road through a series of gates towards the parking place I became aware that we were being followed by a big 4 x 4. I pulled over to let him pass but he just stopped too. I waved for him to pass but he just drove up next to me and asked me what I was doing and where I was going. I explained that we were going fishing and that Adrian John Charles Hope, 4th Marquis of Linlithgow had very kindly allowed me to do so. The chap in the jeep appeared bemused and let’s just say disorientated! I think he had been having some after dinner drinks. I think he was the gamekeeper and was making s

Tough Luck at Hillend

As the title says the fishing has  been rather tough for me recently at Hillend. Saturday night I went along to the weekly fly fishing competition that we host for members in the month of June. I'm not making excuses but the conditions weren't ideal and I was limited to where I could fish because of the strong winds. Needless to say I caught nothing and never even seen a fish apart from big John Spears winning 7 1/2 lb brown trout. Well done to him. Only seven fish were weighed in at the end of what was a disappointing night for me. Undeterred I went up once again on Sunday evening and met Old Boy Billy round at the boathouse bay. After a brief chat we decided to head over to the Lowe's Bay and after spending a fair bit of time there fished all the way down to the mound. Still no sign of fish we moved back to Lowe's bay. Again there was nothing doing apart from a small pike of about six inches which Old Boy Billy fooled. We next moved up to the back bays near the