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Chasing The Ripple!

On the penultimate day of May I arranged a holiday from work and took out a boat at Hillend. As the title of this post suggests I was chasing a ripple all day as for most of the day the loch was flat calm however now and again the wind would pick up but soon disappear. Therefore I had to do a bit of manoeuvring about to find the trout. I eventually found them at a couple of areas in and around the Spiers Island. I managed a brown tout of about 2 1/4lb which was duped by one of my wet daddy patterns and was kept for the pot then a short while after I managed another brown trout this time around the 2 ½ lb mark which was foiled by my black uv lure which was safely returned to the loch to fight another day. Before ending my day at the loch I hooked a pike which I somehow managed to lose at the boat. It’s fair to say I wasn’t too bothered about that as it saved me handling the toothy predator. All in all another great day afloat at my local loch.

A consolation fish!

Bit of an eventful evening at the loch. It was the first fly competition night of the season at the loch but I didn't bother entering I just went up for a night of fishing without the pressure of needing to catch a trout. I prefer it that way. I decided to fish the north shore tonight. A strong east wind was blowing down the loch bringing with it smirry rain which made for a dreich night. I set up with a big bushy/leggy hopper on the point and a watson's bumble on the dropper. I was rewarded when a good size trout snatched my point fly and almost took me down to my backing . However I soon gained control and as the fish leapt several times from the water trying to throw the hook I noticed that it was a really good size trout. However just when I thought I had it under control it bloody broke me and made off with my fly. I fished on in the ever decreasing light until it was dark. I then decided to have one last throw of the dice when I changed to a big lure for what

Three Hillend Broonies!

Today Monday the 12th of May I was out on the boat at Hillend again. It was a bit breezy with a brisk east wind blowing right down the loch. Despite not having my elusive drogue I ventured out onto the loch about half past ten and set up with my sink tip line with my uv lure on the point and a Kate on the dropper.  I motored down the loch to the Eastercroft bay and drifted into the moss. I hooked a fish on my first drift but sadly the fish broke me and made off with my Kate McLaren which was on my top dropper.It was then that I realised I had forgotten to take my net out on the boat and wondered how I would manage without it. However I coped. I had another drift in the same area but the wind was troublesome as the boat was drifting too quick. So I decided to head over to the back bay where I thought it might not be so exposed. This proved to be the correct decision. I started my drift in the mound area and the wind took me over to the big moss hole. However on the way o

A Brace From the Black Loch

When I drove up to Hillend today the loch was looking rather choppy and as I appear to have misplaced my drogue I thought it best to give Hillend a miss today so instead I continued on up to the Black Loch where it was equally windy, however the boat is supplied with an anchor which made it a better option than Hillend today. There were three boats already out when I set off from the jetty. I fished for about four hours and managed a brace of trout which weighed 5 1/2 lb. One rainbow and a braw blueback. Both fish were fooled by one of my cormorant patterns which were tied on my top dropper. The blue back gave a tremendous fight and didn't give up until it had displayed its full acrobatic repertoire. The wind at time was troublesome as were a few hail showers which passed swiftly. All in all a great way to spend a few hours on a Friday afternoon.

Hillend Boat Podcast

Right! Here we go again my second attempt at a live podcast! This time it's a podcast from my day adrift on the boat at Hillend Loch last week. Please be gentle.