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Wee Moss Buzzers

Now! before someone corrects me , I know thse are not exactly buzzers but they a buzzer of sorts. I tied a few of these last night as I'm at last going to have proper go at using buzzers at Hiilend at some point this weekend. As I have already said in other posts Its not a style of fishing I normally use. I hope all the advise and tips etc that everyone has given me will come to fruition. It looks like the teperature and weather is going to be ideal for buzzer fishing this weekend. No doubt the loch will be busy today so I might wait until tomrrow morning. I will report back here on Sunday with my results.

Big Moss Bumble

After an unsuccessful few hours at Hillend on Sunday evening I dejectedly went home and decided to tie some flies. My excuse was that the east wind was putting the fish down. I decided to tie in my favourite style and also a style of pattern I know catches fish both at Hillend and Highland Lochs. I'll call this the Big Moss Bumble. It should do well when the Loch eventually heats up and the trout are in the upper layers. This patter is tied in a size 10 Kamazan hook. Black uni 8/0 thread. Dyed black pheasant tail. Amber holographic tinsel body. Rib copper cock body hackle. White hen collar hackle. Hope you like it.I certainly enjoyed tying a few of these up. Thanks for looking!

Trout and Bricks!

With reports of more adverse weather coming in for the rest of the week I was keen to get up to the loch today to make the most of my day off. I was up yesterday in a cold north wind but had no success so was hoping for better fortunes today. I opted to wade the north shore from the island then westwards between the island and the dam. i set up with my floating line with a beaded black lure and as ever a Kate on the droppper. I fished for about an hour without as much as a pull.Then I sat on the bank for a wee while in the intermittent sunshine thinking of what to try next. I switched to an intermediate line and the same leader. Soon my switch of line payed off as I was into my first fish of the day a rainbow between 1 1/2 & 2lb. The fish was fooled by the black marabou lure. The a wee while later I had another on the same fly. It has to be said I lost about three lures in between due to me using the intermediate line but it was worth it by eventually netting my brace of trout.

Getting Lucky on Friday the 13th

Yesterday I decided on a trip up to Hillend despite it being Friday the 13th and all that nonsense.It was nice to be at the Loch on a fine nice warm morning with just a fine wee ripple on the water. There were quite a few fish showing in the area I was fishing and it wasn't long before I caught my first trout of the day.An hour or so later I had my second and final fish I reckon the two fish I fooled were most probably stockies but nice looking stockies all the same.I also missed a few fish too. As the morning progressed the wind picked a little but it wasn't too strong but it being a northerly there was a bit of a chill in the air. It was great to fish in an area I haven't fished much these last couple of years. My late friend Colin and I used to fish this part of the loch quite often and usually did quite well. I was hoping for a few hours at the loch today but SWMBO has plans so it looks like an early morning visit is in order tomorrow morning.

A Shipmans Buzzer.

Its damp grey and dreich here at Dabbler HQ this morning as i sit here typing this.Im unsure what I'm going to do today. I might have a run up to the loch later this afternoon to have a few casts but it can be quite busy on a Saturday so might wait until later tonight. In the meantime I might do a bit of reading and tie a few more flies. When the weather aint so good I love nothing better than sitting in my fly tying room surrounded by my collection flyfishing and flytying books,and mags and flicking through them for inspiration. I also like to have a look through my vast collection of OS maps looking for lochs and lochans for future outings. In the mean time here is a pattern I tied yesterday. To be honest I don't fish buzzers much but have been told in no uncertain terms that I should especially at Hillend.

A Hillend Ke He.

Earlier in the week I had another outing on the River Clyde. With a box of newly tied sparse spiders I chose to have a go in the Clyde Valley near Crossford. First I tried above the bridge at Crossford and then various locations down stream from the bridge. In short I caught He haw. I put it down to inexperience and low water I did get some nice pics though. Tomorrow I intend having a day up at Hillend Loch and therefore have been at the vice tonight tying a few loch flies that I fancied using after watching Davie McPhails latest video. The pattern above is a variant of the Ke He. This pattern was devised for use at Loch Harray on Orkney where it earned a great reputation for trout. It's popularity is now widespread and is used by anglers all over the country. Tomorrow it will be one of the various patterns I will have on my cast at Hillend Loch.

Hillend Trout Fooled Today!

After dinner today I decided to get up to Hillend. I chose to have a few casts in the Boathouse Bay to start with, after twenty minutes or so I decided I cut through the woods and have a go in Lowe's Bay. After quarter of an hour my first fish of the day was hooked but not for long as it managed to throw the hook in the ensuing fight. Dejected I sat down for a while then after a coffee I tried again this time I managed to land would you believe a Perch. Time to move on so I headed for the mound but waded in at the Big cairn which rises from the water, after a while I decided to move down right in front of the mound. Good move as this is where I hooked and landed my only rainbow of the evening. It was fooled by one of my ugly lures. It was after 8 o'clock when I decided to pack up and walk through the woods and back to the car at the east end of the loch. Maybe push my luck a little further with a trip to the Clyde tomorrow.