Tuesday 5 September 2023

It was so much more than fishing

Fishing in the remote wilderness of the Scottish Highlands is a privilege to experience. The stunning scenery that surrounds you as you cast your line into the  waters of the highland lochans and Lochs is truly awe-inspiring. It's a place where the natural world takes center stage, and the act of fishing becomes much more than just catching trout; it becomes a profound connection with nature.
On a recent fishing trip with my friends to a  remote part of the Scottish highlands, we were treated to a glorious day . We wandered out to a few lochans and a Loch, armed with a variety of flies such as sparse spider patterns, leggy kates, Ordies, and various other wets. While we did manage to catch numerous trout, the size of the fish was modest. I did however lose  a sizable trout, possibly around a pound in weight, right at my feet. My companion, on the other hand, had better luck on the same small lochan and fooled a very dark, peaty loch trout weighing in at about a pound. These moments of success were sweet but were just a small part of the overall experience.
What truly made the day remarkable was the environment that enveloped us. As I sat down to eat my lunch by the lochan , I couldn't help but reflect on the first time I visited this area with my late friend, Willie Hamilton. On that occasion, our goal was Munro bagging, and we were tackling the long  slopes of Ben Na Lap. While the grandeur of peaks like Ben Nevis and the arĂȘte connecting Carn Mor Dearg was hard to ignore, it was the unassuming Ben Na Lap that captured my attention.
This seemingly ordinary hill triggered a flood of cherished memories of the countless days Willie and I spent hillwalking all over Scotland. It was a reminder of the deep camaraderie that existed between us and the shared love for the great outdoors. Fishing in this remote wilderness wasn't just about catching trout; it was about connecting with nature in a way that brought back the essence of those earlier adventures with Willie.
In the midst of the wild, surrounded by stunning vistas and tranquil waters, fishing becomes a conduit to a deeper appreciation of the world around us. It's a reminder of the importance of preserving such pristine environments and cherishing the memories created in them. So, while some anglers may  measure their fishing trips in the size of their catch, the true value lies in the experiences, connections, and reflections that the remote Scottish Highlands offer. It's a privilege that reminds us of the richness of life beyond the fish we seek to catch.
please re-visit my blog  later as I will have more pics to share from this recent stravaig.

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