Friday, 13 May 2022

Fly Boxes

Recently I noticed that I required  another fly box as I've been tying most days and starting to build up a good number of flies that need to be orgznised, arranged and stored.
Look at any online angling outlets, stores and magazines and you will soon realise that the choice of fly boxes these days is bewildering.
I have noticed that the
most popular contemporary fly boxes apoear to be the clear plastic transparent style which I do admit look fantastic and are great for browsing your fly patterns without opening your box especially on the Loch shore or riverbank on a cold, wet and windy day.
In my opinion they have a few disadvantages though. They are too fragile and can be easily cracked or broken and after a period of time get scratched and become opaque.
For a number of reasons I'm no fan either of the old fashioned  alluminium clip boxes, wallets, plastic ripple foam lined boxes, fur patches, wooden multisided boxes and clear plastic compartment boxes.
Therefore I decided to choose once again,  another of my favourite boxes "The Fox Box" I dont think there is a more suitable and better style on the market. I now have around sixteen of these boxes, I know its absolutely ridiculous to have such an amount of boxes and flies however I'm sure most will understand.
These boxes are perfect for my needs, Firstly they hold 136 flies in non moisture absorbing moulded slots which secures the flies firmly in place. That's more flies than you will probably ever need in a couple of seasons,  so I do question my logic in carrying around three or four of them in my fishing bag.
They are the perfect size for putting in a pocket, double sided with a perfect depth to avoid crushing, ideal spacing between the flies, they are light, sturdy and robust, come in a range of colours which makes identification very easy and they are very reasonably priced too!
Only trouble I have with them is that I have too many and the choice of which ones to take with me on a fishing trip is tough, however that's another subect for another day! 
I'd be interested to hear what fly boxes you all use and which are your favourites? Please do leave a comment.

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