Wednesday 31 January 2024

Anticipating the New Trout Season

As January comes to a close, I can't help but feel the excitement building as the opening day of the trout season approaches. The anticipation is palpable, and I find myself eagerly awaiting news about my application to join a new fishing club for the upcoming season. In the meantime, my vice has been a busy companion, and I've meticulously crafted a box of small spiders and river flies. There's something satisfying about preparing for the season ahead, knowing that each tie holds the promise of a successful day on the water. My first fishing outing of 2024 took me to the Upper Clyde a couple of weeks ago in the pursuit of grayling. Although the Lady of the stream eluded me that day, the experience was invaluable. It felt great to be back on the river, reacquainting myself with its nuances and trying out my new fly line. After all, every day on the water, successful or not is something to be enjoyed. Looking forward, a trip to the BFFI at Stafford awaits me before the season kicks off. The prospect of meeting and chatting with fellow tyers, especially those I connected with at the Game Fair last year, adds another layer of excitement. Sharing stories, techniques, and tips with like-minded individuals is an integral part of the angling community's charm. As I eagerly await my Clyde permit, I'm left with the sweet anticipation of the adventures that lie ahead. Soon, I'll be back on the familiar waters of the Lochs and River I love, ready to immerse myself in the tranquility of nature and the thrill of the pursuit of trout. Before I go, heres a look of my recent vicework, a testament to the dedication and passion that fuels my love for fly fishing and fly tying. Stay tuned for more updates as the season unfolds, and tight lines to all fellow anglers gearing up for what will hopefully be another memorable year on the water for all of us.

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