Wednesday, 21 September 2022

The Veyatie Black

Heres a pattern that once intrigued me for a while until I found its definitive dressing, The Veyatie Black!
It was the name of it that caught my attention  a number of years ago when I was planning a trip to fish Loch Veyatie and other lochs in that area.
The pattern was a bit of a dissapointment when I discovered its true dressing as the name conjured up images of a unique dressing and something perhaps special and particular to the Loch of its name.
However to my surprise it just looks like a variation of a Kate McLaren.
Im led to believe it was devised by well known flyfisher, flytyer and author Bob Wyatt.
I've found it useful as a wet pulling fly and just a general suggestive pattern, not representing anything in particular on various Scottish Lochs and of course on Veyatie too where it caught me a few modest trout.
I've always tied it with a body of seals fur but it can also be tied with a body of Ostrich herl or rabbit fur.
The dressing is as follows.

Size 10 Kamasan B175 Hook
Black Uni 8/0
Golden Pheasant Crest tail
Silver rib.
Body of black seals fur or ostrichnherl or rabbit fur.
Body hackle of golden badger hackle
Hen Pheasant Wing covert head hackle.

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